Welcome to my Pages. What ‘Pages’, you ask? The Pages of my brain!

This is a place I plan to put all of my writings. Character planning, short stories, poetry, and random scribbles. I’d like to accept prompts, if anyone were to supply, take criticism, constructive preferably, and just put my work out there.This will be a place for me to monitor my growth as a writer as well.

Additionally, if all goes well, I’d like to see if I’d have any hope of commissioning some of my work here. It wouldn’t be crazy, honestly it’d likely be more of a donation thing. But I put significant amount of time into my work, so I wouldn’t mind perhaps some day doing this for a living. These are steps I feel I could take towards achieving that goal.


If you’re looking for an about me, I’ll just say that I’m a young Canadian writer, a broke college student, working towards a career that involves storytelling. Be that writing, game design, film, or something else, I know for a fact that this is what I want to do, more than anything.


Regardless of what you were looking for on this page, I hope you found something relating to what you wanted.

Thank you for your interest!

Erin W.



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