Contact and Commissions

Whether this is for submitting a prompt, criticism, basic trolling or a simple chat, you’re welcome to comment here or on my About page, or contact me on Twitter and Instagram which are at the bottom of the page.


Additionally, I’d like to take both art and writing commissions! If you’d like to help me along with my work so that I can continue to invest time in improving both this website and my creative abilities, feel free to click this lovely little link which will take you to my Paypal.

For commissions, especially art related ones, I may not be able to step too far out of the realm of what I have posted on here in terms of medium and quality. However, if you appreciate any of my art, and want something specific done, ask away!

In terms of writing, I have a pretty vast imagination and can complete more varied requests.

I pour my heart and soul into my work, however if something happens and I don’t fulfill your request, let me know and I promise we will work something out!


Commissioned Art Pieces