I Am Not Religious

I gaze out at the universe, and ponder its creator
But I am not religious
I sit in a church, and am overwhelmed by peace
But I am not religious
I choose to pray for those in danger, when times are bad
But I am not religious
I wish for peace and love on this earth, for us to live in harmony
But I am not religious
I have morals, ethics and values I follow
But I am not religious.

Why must everyone be so?
Why must wars start for this concept?

Why can we not simply be?

I believe we all are programmed with a sense of right and wrong
And I’ll never understand why so many chose wrong, or forcefully blind themselves to it.
Would that not be against our Creator that so many swear by?
Did he not give us this ability to choose between good and bad?
I believe this, and still,
I am not religious.


Hope or Lies

An old philosophy assignment of mine, noting the differences between hope and lies.


I would like to pose a question: Do you believe in hope?

I’ve seen and heard a lot of different answers, some choosing stoicism, others choosing to hold on to hope.

But what’s interesting is how distorted this idea of hope has become.

Or rather, we have begun to confuse a spark of hope within us for a lie that we are fed.

So I ask you: What separates hope from a lie?

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