New Logo!

Super proud of the first GIF I’ve made, choosing it to be a temporary logo. I feel it fits the feel of my Pages site well; full of doodles, writings, plannings, and coffee-stained pages with frantic scribbles!

Sentience Snippet

Everyone was convinced that we were years away from this.

There wouldn’t be enough funding.

The technology would be too cumbersome.

Machine intelligence couldn’t evolve that quickly.

But all it took was a genius with the support of the rich.

After all, every tomorrow is bound to become today.


My memories are packed in tight, little boxes.

Unlabelled, and precariously stacked in the back of my mind.

Open the wrong one, and Pandora’s box is unleashed.

Wait too long, and every box will either topple over or vanish.

So, pray tell, how the hell do I win?


Three Words

Describe the most beautiful person you have ever seen in three words.

Following their passion(s)

Because nothing is more stunning in a human being than seeing that spark in their eyes when they discuss what they really, truly love more than anything.


Thanks to writing.prompt.s on Instagram for their ever flowing pool of inspiration! I’m sure more works will come that are solely based on their help.

Lead in the Veins

I hear it all the time.

“Poor thing, with those scars on their wrists. They must be so lost.”

“What a freak, covering up their cuts. Daddy must be mean to them or something.”

“They’re too young to know what depression is.”

“What on earth could they be going through?”

“What compels them to hurt themselves, aren’t they going through enough pain?”

I hear this, and it’s all I can do to shake my head.

To look at the poor soul in empathy.

Because I know.

I’ve felt it.

The lead in my veins, the weight that simply comes with living each second.

It hits me even now, in this stage of my life. The desire to feel any other kind of pain than this excruciating numbness.

To finally get the burning poison out of my veins so that I can get out of bed and move on with my day.

But this seemingly counteractive method of healing comes with its scars.

And sometimes, it is the only method of healing people can get.

And I know.

No matter how hard I want to help, it is all I can do to nod in solidarity.

Because I’ve felt it.

I’ve lived with it.

I’ve lived past it.

And I pray that they can live past it too.

Quote: Okami

“When one tries to master something, it ends in either success or failure. But it is in the attempt itself where you find the true value. Believe in your own power and walk your own path.” ~ Oki

I view this as a valuable lesson to live by. As a person constantly finding new interests in mastering different things, from writing, to drawing, to calligraphy, to science, to mythology, to guitar. Each path that I have walked for each interest, be it successful or a failure, has taught me important facets of who I am as a person.

After all, it is my belief that mistakes are what teach you, as opposed to triumphs.

Mythologically Inspired

Japanese mythology has always fascinated me, every since I was introduced to the game Okami when I was younger. Recently, I have been on a bit of a learning adventure, researching connections between the game itself and the mythology of the culture it references so heavily.

I am nowhere near being done learning, and I do not act as though I am an expert.

However, through browsing wiki pages, books, words of mouth, so on and so forth, I have been falling more and more in love with every piece that I gather.

A particular interest to me has been Takamagahara, the dwelling place of the Kami (essentially gods). From the information I have found, when creation began, light, floaty elements became Takamagahara, while the heavy elements became Earth. But the elements did not come from nothing. Every source that I have found describes these elements to have come from nothing more than chaos.

This particular idea is simply beautiful to me, as a non-religious, open-to-ideas person with a strange fascination with concepts such as chaos. While chaos can be considered a scientific creationism term (looking at you, high school physics class, I remember the teacher throwing that word around to make the subject cool), the idea of it as a more spiritualistic entity is far more appealing,

especially in the aspect of storytelling.

Any time I am learning of myths and legends such as these, it leads me to grow curious in how to create a story involving such fascinating characters, stories, and entities. Yet the more time that goes on, I worry that with references to Norse mythology in Marvel, the novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and a multitude of other stories that I am sure I have never been introduced to, I worry that it would be near impossible to find a modern, fresh spin on the stories of gods and creations.

Still, I cannot help but try.

After all, with stories so hauntingly beautiful, can I be blamed for wanting to run with it in my own way, after being so greatly inspired?

Quote: NateWantsToBattle

“I’m your sunshine, woah

I’m gonna burn down your parade

I’m a shooting star

That wish you wish you never made.”

~ Phantom, a song by NateWantsToBattle


These lyrics are some that hit close to home, reflecting how I occasionally view myself, and how I have written many of my characters. His new album, Paid in Exposure, gives me immense inspiration for a lonely trickster character that I have been developing for a long time, with no true place to place her. Perhaps someday she will find her home, but for now she resides within my heart and within the lyrics of others.