The Forge Review

As an avid fan of all things Magic the Gathering, D&D, video gaming, and more, I’ve grown to accept that I will forever have one safe haven.

What haven, you ask? Why the safety of a local hobby shop.

Since recently moving to Ottawa, Ontario, I’ve been searching for a local place that I can go purchase all of my dorky needs while being surrounded by my people. I tried several places, and was met with a very familiar scene;

The silent judgment of being a young, female nerd.

I don’t often go seeking a chance to draw a line between men and woman. However as a fangirl in this world, many can relate to being judged and looked down upon for our gender in certain fandoms. Many stores will assume I hold less appreciation for what I enjoy than a male counterpart would.

This phenomenon was nonexistent at The Forge.

Walking in with a group of females, we were immediately greeted with a warm smile from the employees. Not a judgment was passed as we fawned over a bowl of eclectic dice, not an eyebrow was raised as I asked if a particular Magic card was in stock.

The store itself was such a familiar, welcoming feel that I was longing to sense from a store again. To my surprise, I heard that the store was new! A place that held such knowledge of what they were selling, such passion, such good vibes, I would’ve sworn the establishment was older than it was.

The service, as mentioned, was incredible. What was planned to be a short peruse turned into conversation after conversation of this and that, everyone contributing interesting information of the hobbies that we all shared. There was no shortage of passion from the employees, and no reason to deny what everyone in the room was: a geeky human enjoying the company of others. There was no barrier due to age or to gender, it was simply a smooth dialect filled with laughs and intrigue.

The two that I spoke two, Mike and Mike (who I swear to refer to as Mike Squared from now on!) admitted the store’s recent development and their plans for obtaining more and more stock. Considering the ample amount of merchandise they already have, along with the atmosphere of the place, I have only one thing to close out on…

Keep your eyes on The Forge, because they are absolutely killing it!

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