Ashley Beth Chabris – Sentience

Basic Statistics

Name: Ashley Beth Chabris

Age: 32

Nationality: Canadian

Socioeconomic Level as a Child: High

Socioeconomic Level as an Adult: Still High, in a nice place from her parents, but does the rest on her own.

Hometown: Montreal**This can change, location of novel is TBD

Current Residence: Ottawa**TBD

Occupation: English Professor

Income: $115,513/yr

Talents/Skills: Writing, Organization, Open- Mindedness. An excellent debater and public speaker.

Birth Order: The Middle Child


Parents: Mother (Mary Kay Chabris) and Father (Ambrose Geoff Clare). Father gets a kick that his daughter’s initials are ABC.

Siblings: An older sister (Melanie Kay Chabris, Deceased) and a younger brother (Michael Chabris)

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A (her students are her children)

Grandparents: Grandmother (Margaret Kay Chabris) is alive, Grandfather recently deceased.

Grandchildren: N/A

Significant Others: None at the moment

Relationship Skills: Leave something to be desired. She has difficulty expressing herself around other humans as she is often judged for her silver-spoon life being tainted by her mistakes. She is jaded and cautious when it comes to loving another human and is focusing on finding herself.


Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 120

Race: Caucasian

Eye Colour: Pale Blue

Hair Colour: Black

Glasses or Contact Lenses: Rectangular black frames. Prefers to not wear contacts, though has them for formal occasions on her mother’s request.

Skin Colour: Rosy. Pale, not tan, but not pasty either.

Shape of Face: Rounder

Distinguishing Features: She is always dressed in heels, with her grandfather’s watch, and formally to the public. A total of one person has seen her in a casual disarray before the events of the novel.

How Does He/She Dress: To the nines. She enjoys looking professional and acting as though she has her life together.

Mannerisms: She is formal, but not at all cold. She is friendly and open to a good conversation with her pupils and her peers. Despite her feelings towards her own parents, she encourages kindness towards parents in general.

Habits: She smokes, and drinks heavily, and often chews her nails or the end of her glasses.

Health: Very healthy physically, minus the drinking.

Hobbies: Research. The topic varies on what she is teaching or reading. She is easily obsessed. In addition, she is heavily into cards, board games, and movies.

Favourite Sayings: “C’est la vie.”  “Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.” “In the end, all we take to the grave is our name.”

Speech Patterns: Fluid, soft. She is incredibly well spoken and an influential speaker. They say her students hold on to every word without a single distraction, whether they enjoy the topic or not.

Disabilities: Not the most tech-savvy. Poor vision.

Style (Elegant, Shabby, Etc.): Elegant AF. But also, incredibly down to earth.

Greatest Flaw: Grew up with a silver spoon, so to speak.

Best Quality: She tries to be good to everyone, excluding herself.


Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Educational Background: Graduated from Harvard.

Intelligence Level: High.

Any Mental Illnesses: Depression, Anxiety and Addiction. All being dealt with.

Learning Experiences: Attempted suicide, heavy gambling and drug addiction.

Character’s Short-Term Goals in Life: Finding a long-term goal in life. She’s been feeling rather…stuck in a rut.

Character’s Long-Term Goals in Life: I’m sorry, did I stutter?

How Does Character See Them Self: She sees her persona as quite lovely, though her true self to be well worth hiding.

How Does Character Believe They are Perceived by Others: Percieved to be put together and intelligent, though perhaps a little old fashioned.

How Self-Confident is the Character: Fairly confident until the depression comes in waves. She’s working on it. She can walk with her head high, be it truthful or an act, she’s not really sure.

Does the Character Seem Ruled by Emotion or Logic or Some Combination Thereof: She enjoys logic, however at heart she is an emotional being.

What Would Most Embarrass This Character: Living life like her parents.


Emotional Characteristics

Strengths/Weaknesses: Public speaking and people are her strengths, along with literature. She’s a bit of a klutz with technology and opening up fully to those around her.

Introvert or Extrovert?: A healthy dose of both.

How does the Character Deal with Anger?: Punch a wall, drink. Never in the public eye though. There, she smiles and moves on. She tries not to give in to her alcoholism.

With Sadness?: Pretty same, minus the punching.

With Conflict?: She remains calm and works through it as rationally as she can, despite her emotions getting in the way occasionally.

With Change?: She hates it.

With Loss?: She has dealt with enough that it doesn’t affect her as bad as it would others,

What Does the Character Want Out of Life?: To find a purpose.

What Would the Character Like to Change in Their Life?: Their lack of purpose, their alcoholism, their…averageness.

What Motivates This Character?: Her dissatisfaction with herself.

What Frightens This Character?: Too much, in her eyes. The dark, being alone, succumbing to mental illness again, losing her brother in her life, failing her students.

What Makes This Character Happy?: Seeing her students excel, being with friends, drinking and smoking, music

Is the Character Judgmental of Others?: Only because of how she was raised, and on a subconscious level. She tries very hard to not be.

Is the Character Generous or Stingy?: Generous to those who cross her path.

Is the Character Generally Polite or Rude?: Very polite.


Spiritual Characteristics

Does the Character Believe in God?: She’s not sure.

What are the Character’s Spiritual Beliefs?: Searching. She knows something must be out there.

Is Religion or Spirituality a Part of This Character’s Life?: She wishes it was.

If So, What Role Does it Play?: She often researches to find if anything clicks. She hasn’t found it yet.


How the Character is Involved in the Story

This girl is the main character!! 1 out of 2 Heroines. She is the human perspectives in an artificial world.


How Character is Different at the End of the Novel From When the Novel Began:

She has a purpose, possibly a lover. She becomes an activist in equality of AI and humanity.


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