A Letter To My Inspirations

You inspired me to learn

To broaden my horizons

To understand the part of myself

That thirsts for worldly lessons.


You inspired me to search

To find where I belonged

To show the parts of myself

For a time so prolonged


You inspired me to befriend

Where I was once afraid, shy

To change the part of myself

That had always plagued my mind


You inspired me to laugh

To let my joy be free

To release the parts of myself

To fly around like a bee


You inspired me to create

To follow my hopes, my dreams

To be that part of myself

That I love, no matter the means


You inspired me to explore

To pack a bag and just go

To free that part of myself

That wants to go with the flow


You inspired me to accept

To look at every part of who I am

To admire the parts of myself

Nerdiness be damned


You inspired me to fight

The hidden, darker parts of mine

To quite the parts of myself

That claimed I wasn’t worth your time


You inspired me to reveal

My preferred sense of style

To walk with that part of myself

Confidently in every mile


You inspired my sanity

Surprising, I know

But you kept together that tiny part of myself

And I’ll miss you the most when I go


You inspired me to remember

To mourn those that died

To free the parts of myself

That I had hidden, numb, inside


You inspired me to be strong

How you handled your conflicts

And you awoke the part of myself

That was as unmoving as bricks


You inspired me to move on

To change with the ways of life

To adapt that part of myself

That used to hold on to such strife


And you,

You inspired me to love

To be soft, to be kind

To show a part of myself

That existed only in my mind


So here I sit,

Ready to get on a flight

And wave goodbye

to the best year of my life


And as I go to my future

And back to my blood…

I leave my true family behind.



I love you all.

Goodbye, St. John’s.

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