Traveler’s Tale Creation

In the beginning there was nothing.

There was no land, no sea, and no sky. There was no night, and no day. The world, its dimensions and its countries were nonexistent.

Then The Great Faatir came, disguised as an ordinary man, and set a foot down, thus creating the world beneath his feet. He felt the vibrations of the magic in all worlds, and manipulated them to create the air, the water, the earth, and the fire. He created animals and creatures to walk upon this new world. Looking at his own image, he created man, completing the fifth and final element; spirit.

Satisfied with his work, he left this land.

But another set foot upon this world. His brother Uqbah. He was unhappy with the life in this world, seeing mankind and it’s equals as weak and pitiful creatures that were unfit to live. He was the end of all of Faatir’s work, eliminating every last being.

When Faatir learned of his brother’s actions, he returned to his world and fought with him.

Brother against Brother. Life against Death. Creation against Destruction.

Both brothers tired, Uqbah was defeated.

Banished from the world, Uqbah returned to Hazarmaveth, a kingdom of his own creation.

Faatir, with his remaining strength, replenished his world back to its original state, and created five divine guardians to look after the world in his absence.

Aithne, the goddess of fire.

Coventina, the goddess of water.

Leewana, the goddess of wind.

Valterra, the goddess of earth.

And Gwennor, the goddess of spirit.

Completely drained, Faatir retired to the heavens, to never return to the world he created.

The Five Guardians split up, looking after their respective areas of the world. They lived as equals to man, residing in a temple of their own design.

But then, Uqbah returned.

He sought vengeance on this world and his brother, despite his still limited strength.

He used his little power to send desires to the man that resided in this world. He sent them thoughts of blood, war, and of death. Under Uqbah’s influence, they proclaimed war on the Guardians, and on each other.

The Guardians, quickly realizing Uqbah’s work, imprisoned him within his own kingdom.

Yet just like Faatir, the Guardians were weakened.

Legends say they imprisoned themselves, taking their own souls, capturing them within a crystal, to be awakened when their strengths would be replenished.

They left behind only the temples they once slept in, hearing our prayers from their prisons of stone.