Sitting on the balcony, looking over the edge, I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty. I had lived here since I was a child, and still the endless expanse of cloud and sky with islands of stunning architecture scattered throughout left me mesmerized.

Mind you, I suppose any floating city would be considered mesmerizing.

Floating city…why should any city float? Why should they not be grounded along with the rest?

I turned to share this train of thought with him.

That was before I remembered that he wasn’t there.

No, he had left. He went to float while I remained grounded.


I could still remember the concoction of emotions that flooded me when he announced his disappearance. Disappointment, fear, loneliness, betrayal …yet no shock. Somehow, I knew that this boy I had known since we were both 6 years old was destined for greatness.

Somehow, I knew that I would get left behind.


I remember him leaving. Burning determination in his eyes was found mixed in with the shinning excitement of the brown disks. Wrapped in the fuzzy blue cloak I had fashioned for him the moment I heard of his impending disappearance.

There wasn’t a hint of regret in his eyes. No hint of sorrow.


I shouldn’t have wanted there to be one. But I did.


He doesn’t miss me at all. He wouldn’t. I know that now.


I had heard nothing from him. Nothing of him…no. It’s like I never existed in his life.

But he certainly still existed in mine.


As I practice my abilities, I hear his words of teasing and encouragement.

As I read, I feel his warmth beside me as we ponder in silence.

As I sleep, I feel the weight of loneliness on my chest, suffocating me.


And as I sit here, looking out over the edge of one of the floating islands of Dalaran, absentmindedly tracing the lidless eye that was seared into my forearm, I see nothing but him in my minds eye.


If he were dead, would I know?

No…No I’m sure I wouldn’t. After all, I’m forgotten. A ghost. No, a ghost is something.

I’m nothing.

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