Shilah Vulpes


Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Shifter

Height: 5’4

Size: More definable curves than the others

Health: Top shape

Assets: Can turn into a fox and claw her way through people. Fights with earth magic.

Flaws: Not skilled with human cultures

Sexuality: Lesbian

Gait: Animal like. Almost always ready to shift onto all fours.

Voice: Smooth, a purr like growl, but stilted language.



Intelligence: Good with earth but that’s all

Temperament: Short and wild:

Happiness: High when she’s in fox form

Attitudes: Either respectful to elder, flirtatious, feral with enemies

Self Knowledge: Very simple. She sticks to the ways of the earth and doesn’t overthink

Unconscious aspects: No idea of history of her evolution

Habits: Growling at people she dislikes, scratching.



Family: Her tribe (elder is her grandfather)

Friends: Animals

Colleagues: Other teammates

Birthplace: The forest

Childhood: Happy and playful, though trained to defend herself from humans

Education: Fighting, elemental magic

Hobbies: Rabbits, Male Foxes

Values: Natural ways

Lifestyle: Forest clan living

Profession: Protector, Rebel

Posessions: Her mother’s staff

Wealth: Works in trade



Wants: Food

Hopes: For peace and for the earth to flourish

Fears: Death

Resentments: Humans polluting the world

Dreams: Healthy forest


Fight Style

Transformation and Staff. Cannot use swords or guns.

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