Ozzy Ottinger


Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Human/cyborg arm or something?

Height: 5’7

Size: Thicker

Health: Good, though he smokes.

Assets: Really good with tech. Better than Eliza at it. Manufactures crazy weapons.

Flaws: Doesn’t listen well.

Sexuality: Straight

Gait: Cocky

Voice: Scottish



Intelligence: Moderate, though amazing with tech.

Temperament: Brash and loud

Happiness: When he smokes or drinks or makes a weapon

Attitudes: Brash and loud, though can be very caring

Self Knowledge: Knows little of his history, but knows where he wants to go

Unconscious aspects: He’s the worst fighter of the team

Habits: Smoking, swearing




Family: None

Friends: Mina, Eliza

Colleagues: The team mates

Childhood: Average, nothing worth telling. He tinkered and made a lot of explosions.

Education: Finished high school

Hobbies: Tinkering

Belief: Swears to god but is uncertain to believe in a god.

Values: Preserves human life, but doesn’t feel for the evos or evolved races.

Lifestyle: Average. Owns a decent house with Mina. Is the messier of the two.

Profession: Mechanic/Rebel

Posessions: Any of his tools are his babies.

Wealth: Has the easiest time finding work.



Wants: Retirement

Hopes: For a warm bed and food while he does what’s asked of him.

Fears: Death and ridicule

Resentments: His lack of love life and his position in the team.

Dreams: To be the best fighter

Denial: That he isn’t the best fighter (aloud at least)


Fight Style

A spear that can convert to a shotgun. Pyrrha style. The weaker fighter of the bunch, usually stays behind to fix weapons for the others.

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