Morgan Asterio


Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Human (Evo)

Height: 5’5

Size: Underweight.

Health: Unhealthy, but cannot die anyway.

Assets: Cannot die, heals Wolverine style. Has psychic abilities

Flaws: Knows nothing of the world outside of her cage

Sexuality: Ace

Gait: Awkward (baby deer like)

Voice: Doesn’t talk much, but her voice breaks a lot. Small voice.



Intelligence: She knows what other people know, but no book smarts or street smarts.

Temperament: Calm but confused and nervous

Happiness: When she’s with her brother

Attitudes: Shy. Temper tantrums if she or her brother are threatened.

Self Knowledge: Knows nothing outside of her cage

Unconscious aspects: Everything about her family

Habits playing with her fingers and rubbing her eyes



Family: Kevin Asterio (brother). Parents are deceased.

Friends: None

Colleagues: None

Birthplace: Lab

Childhood: In a sensory deprivation tank

Education: None

Hobbies: None

Profession: Soon a rebel. An experiment

Posessions: None

Wealth: None



Wants: To be free

Hopes: To find her family

Fears: Scientists

Memories: None of importance. Just the needles.

Resentments: Her upbringing

Dreams: Of a normal life.

Denial: At first it’s Kevin’s relationship to her.


Fight style

Cannot fight hand to hand, though has speedy healing. She uses psychic abilities.

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