Mina Kobayashi


Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Nightcrawler

Height: 5’3

Size: Petite

Health: A+

Assets: Good shape + Physical stamina + fighting abilities

Flaws: Short and scarred

Sexuality: Pan

Gait: Stiff and cold

Voice: See gait. Doesn’t speak much



Intelligence: Intelligent when it comes to street smarts, as well as knowledgeable on history/philosophy

Temperament: Cold. Never loses her tempter.

Happiness: Known to be heartless. Cares not for emotions. Ozzy makes her happy.

Attitudes: Cold.

Self Knowledge: Knows everything about herself specifically.

Unconscious aspects: Unaware of her family’s dealings.

Habits: Not responding to people/eavesdropping



Family: Royal blood, but disowned

Friends: Ozzy

Colleagues: Rest of teammates, any other merc. For hire

Birthplace: Underground

Childhood: Forced to appear royal, meant to be the princess. Began to train as an assassin and escaped her parents.

Education: A human assassin from a keep dealing with the king. Private teachers and an endless library

Hobbies: Reading, training

Belief: In herself

Values: She will not kill an innocent soul

Lifestyle: Moderate. Lives with Ozzy.

Profession: Assassin/Merc. For Hire. Rebel

Posessions: Two beautifully decorated daggers gifted from her old teacher

Wealth: Family is rich, but she only gets her earnings by her kills.



Wants: To bring fairness and create her own legacy.

Hopes: She can get Ozzy through things alive.

Fears: Her parents. Failure

Resentments: Her parents and her upbringing

Dreams: To someday clean the world and hide away.

Denial: Her blood


Fight Style

Daggers. Relies on stealth but is perfectly fine in hand to hand.

Hates guns

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