Landier Orracgh


Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Dragonkind

Height: 6’1

Size: Lithe, scaly

Health: Good, though he was sick as a child

Assets: He’s one of the strongest races and has the strongest connection to magic.

Flaws: He views his scars as such

Sexuality: Gay

Gait: Standoffish

Voice: Formal but a bit higher than Kevin’s



Intelligence: High. Good with political stuff.

Temperament: Calm

Happiness: High once he leaves his father

Attitudes: Is either calm or hyper, no in between. Nearly as child like as Shilah or Morgan

Self Knowledge: Discovering who he wants to be

Unconscious aspects: Doesn’t yet realize how powerful he is

Habits: flicking his tail



Family: Deceased mother, powerful political father. No siblings

Friends: One who he’s forbidden to see.

Colleagues: His team mates

Birthplace: in the sky

Childhood: Strict

Education: Strong, though is prejudice against humans due to his learning

Hobbies: sketching

Belief: that dragonkind are equal to the others

Values: open and swayable

Lifestyle: High class

Profession: Student, soon a rebel.

Posessions: Nothing he views as valuable.

Wealth: High, though cut off from his father when he leaves



Wants: Freedom and choice in his life

Hopes: To bring about equality

Fears: Drowning

Resentments: His father and discrimination

Dreams: Of being the best ruler compared to his father

Denial: has yet to grieve his mother


Fight Style

Trident. Can use water and fire magic. Vulnerable to status ailments

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