Kevin Asterio


Age: 18 (Left Picture) ~ 30 (Right Picture)

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Evo)

Height: 5’10

Size: Thin. Strength isn’t visible

Health: No issues

Assets: Altered Strength, Perseverance

Flaws: Naive, Overtly Determined

Sexuality: Straight

Gait: Casual, Mildly awkward

Voice: Soft, Stutters occasionally.



Intelligence: Well educated on computers and science, but bellow Eliza. Followed in his parent’s footsteps.

Temperament: Short tempered, strong in his beliefs

Happiness: Mildly depressed

Attitudes: Strong in his beliefs. Straight to the point, but can dance around things if he feels awkwardly about it

Self Knowledge: Knows he needs answers

Unconscious aspects: The fact that he is evolved, and that his sister remains in the facility. As well as what his parents died for.

Habits: Chewing on the string of his hoodie



Family: Brian and Margaret Asterio (Deceased)

Morgan Asterio (MIA)

Friends: None. Lone Wolf.

Colleagues: The other team members


Childhood: Average. Had two parents, until they died when he was 17. He has been following their lives ever since. Few friends, preferred work over relationships.

Education: Had human schooling, and was educated by his parents.

Hobbies: Science?

Beliefs: Believes in an afterlife

Values: He does what his parents think would have been the right choice.

Lifestyle: Average

Profession: Scientist to be, soon a rebel

Posessions: Parent’s work

Wealth: Moderate



Hopes: To complete his family’s task and keep the team alive. To save the world.

Fears: Death and tight spaces

Resentments: His parents’ death

Denial: That he may not get the answers he needs or save everyone.


Fight Style

Hand to hand, with his evolved strength. Can train with the sword, but cannot use magic.

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