Many years ago, tragedy struck the Earth.

It was no shock to the people that a third World War would occur. The surprise, however, came at the magnitude of the event.

It happened thousands of years ago, remembered by as The Tragedy. Many of the facts have gotten lost through the ages, changing with the times, birthing anew along with religions and races.

And yet it’s still remembered. It was the years Tragedy struck, the years where countries were destroyed, the years when the human race was all but obliterated.

Some say it that was nuclear. Others say that it was the accumulation of factors such as starvation, pollution, global warming, and who knows what else. Others say that it was God, testing humanity until the chosen few could become gods themselves.

Would you like to know what is left of the world, the world now known as Evrim?

We have far less land now, what with the amount of destruction caused and the amount of time that has gone by. What hasn’t been eroded into the ocean is more than likely inhabitable by the human race.

But then again, there are fewer of us now, so it seems to work out.

What was left of the world ended up getting divided between the 5 races. The polluted yet habitable cities went to us, the humans. The wilds and forests still standing went to the Clao-Ainmhithe, the Shifters. The underground sanctuaries went to the shadow-dwelling Nightcrawlers. The heavenly skies were gifted to the Anguis, the Dragonkind. All while the remaining, polluted land was left for the animalistic Mutts.

As I said though, this happened years ago, and not many people are focused on the past. They prefer to look at the present day, at the future. People don’t look at the changes as they happened; they instead look at the end results. It is no longer the journey that matters, but the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

That’s certainly how the humans see it. I should know; I am one. I hear the talk everyday, of how we’ve been pushed out of our jobs, of our homes, of our world by our new “brothers and sisters”. I hear talk of fighting back, of a revolution against these people.

But it doesn’t happen…it couldn’t. We’re simply too weak, too low on the food chain. It would be as pathetic as an ant confronting a dog.

But an idea had recently hit the humans; What if we could force ourselves to evolve too? Become stronger and smarter than the opposition?

History has taught us a lot, but if it’s drilled one message into our minds, it’s that anyone is corrupt to power.

Humans, however, are particularly susceptible.

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