Dr. Eliza Lacroix


Age: 30

Gender: Female

Race: Human


Size: Little bit too thin and lankey

Health: Decent, but she has next to no endurance.

Assets: Extreme intelligence, insider knowledge, and accuracy.

Flaws: Physical strength and stamina.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Gait: Professional, but can relax if she needs to. Just prefers not to.

Voice: Soft and warm, but an turn sharp and cold.



Intelligence: Above average. Great with chemicals and weapons

Temperament: Level headed, but looses patience around stupidity and ignorance.

Happiness: Happy when she’s working or drinking.

Attitudes: She’s a calm and analytical woman until angered, then gets a sharper edge. Will prove you wrong if she can.

Self Knowledge: Knows everything about herself and her past

Unconscious aspects: The toll her past has taken on her.

Habits: Pacing, zoning out, speaking over others.



Family: Deceased (including a son)

Friends: Ozzy

Colleagues: Other team members

Childhood: The best of them all.

Education: Decent schooling, was smarter than all of her peers and half her teachers.

Hobbies: Reading and drinking, and tinkering around with chemicals.

Beliefs: Science.

Values: Anything against human will.

Lifestyle: Doesn’t sleep much and is cluttered.

Profession: Scientist, bookstore owner, gunslinger and rebel.

Posessions: Maintains most of the groups files.

Wealth: Gets funded by her front put on as a bookshop business.



Wants: To take down Callaway

Hopes: To find out exactly what the company was doing with her research

Fears: Losing someone in a similar way she lost her son.

Memories: Her son being killed in front of her.

Resentments: Callaway and his company

Dreams: To someday have a decent life as only a scientist.

Denial: That a member of the company she worked for raped her and stole her research.


Fight Style

Guns and serums that cause a variety of effect. Cannot fight hand to hand.

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