What if there were more to a mirror than merely your reflection?


I see you more than you see me. Maybe it is because I know where to look. Maybe it is because I don’t deny what I see.

To you, to those you call normal, I don’t exist. I am nothing more than an apparition, a ghost. You see me out of the corner of your eye, and yet when you turn I am no longer there.

And you lie to yourself. You tell yourself that you are truly looking.

I know this because if you looked, you would see. You would see me right in front of you, staring directly back.

I, personally, have to hold in my laughter. Could I – could you really be so blind?

The answer is yes. And that is because you have no desire to see what is right in front of you.

Few do, to be honest. And the few who choose to look, those who you would call insane, psychotic…They are the only ones who know the truth. They are the only ones who can see themselves for who they really are.

Some of you are taught that there is a veil over our eyes. That everything from your society, your moral codes, your senses, and God himself…everything adds another layer of rose coloured glass that you need to try to work through.

But you don’t.

You think you do. You people so foolishly think that you are close to unlocking the secrets of your world, and yet you cannot even unlock the secret to who you are!

But I could help you.

As I said, you have seen me. Out of the corner of your eye that is. And I can help you see me for longer.

I could help you see everything.

But first I need to you look. And I mean really look. I’ll even be nice and tell you where I am!

You see, there is that feeling you get when you look into a mirror and you do not recognize the person looking back. Have you felt that?

Hmm. Of course you have! There’s no point in lying to me doll. I’ve seen everything about you at one point or another.

So you look into a mirror. Just a quick glance. Perhaps you are simply walking past.

Yet in that moment…the person is not you, correct?

Well, don’t be ridiculous. Of course it is you, but we use the term “you” lightly here.

See, in those brief moments, you are seeing the real “you”. A different “you”.

And that person…

That person is me.

I am the real you. The better you.

I whisper to you sometimes. Perhaps you have heard me. If you have, you have ignored me.

How rude.

Oh, I see that I am loosing you. Perhaps I should explain.

I am the version of you that isn’t running from the darkness within them. The humans in your world…you all put on this facade. This mask that was meant to fool others now fools even you behind closed doors. You people have disguised yourself for years, become blinded. You were right to question your morals, your ethics, your bullshit society and your gods. You have no idea who you are. And you have no idea how to see.

I am the you that has a vision. The one who works for what they want, and the one who will do anything to get it. I am the one who will kill, who will maim, who will injure, and who will torture without a second thought.

I am stronger. I know who I am.

And I am you, like it or not.

That is why, during those moments that our paths cross in the mirror, you feel that sense of dread.

Not because you don’t know who I am, oh no.

It is because you don’t want to know.

The veil has become the lifeline for you and your society.

But you cannot deny that we are one in the same.

Yet here you are, staring at me, seeing me as imaginary, dark and demonic.

And here I am, laughing at you, seeing you as naive, pathetic, and weak.

But we are each other, like it or not.

Would you like to know the best part? You are stuck with me.

I will be a part of you for as long as you can look at yourself.

And now you are aware. Now….now you will start to look.

You will start to reflect. Reflect who I am.

Reflect who you are.

You will try to run from it of course. But a life without morals has its appeal. And soon you will begin to see my world. And our paths will cross more…and more…

And you will reflect…reflect me…

You will descend further and further into the darkness that consumed me long before.

And your weak, corrupted mind will fight it.

Reject it.

Your blinded society will soon see you as the anomaly.

Your kind always fears what they don’t understand. You may even be killed.

My kind knows everything. And I will continue to live.

And I will laugh.

Laugh as I am laughing now, watching you nervously comb your hair, looking deeply into my eyes.


Looking for me.

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