Journal of Roselle Mylrden

What was once an opening to a project I lost interest in. Someday, I may pick it back up. Until now, I figure it acts well as an example of a fantasy excerpt of mine, though admittedly an old one.

R. Mylrden

Insanity: extreme foolishness or irrationality.

That’s the technical definition. And I may be insane, but I’m no less naive towards the world and my our history.

When the Goddess created the world, our world, she gifted man kind with the gift of choice.

Knowing this could be risky, she chose to leave her 3 daughters on the world as well. Engl (light), Achlys (dark), and Ambrosine (eternity) to monitor her creations and ensure nothing got out of hand, confident the gift of Choice was a good one.

However, this choice came at a cost. The cost of her creations turning on the other, for matters of colour, of identities, of wealth. This, she could tolerate, but only just.

It wasn’t until her creations were destroying her entire world with wars and poison, and targeting herself and her daughters, before she stepped in.

Her and her daughters stood at the four points of a compass and brought forth a darkness, one beyond compare. It threw the world into extreme chaos, killing millions and destroying many lands. In the end, however, the story goes that man kind realized the effect they had on lives and their realm, thus bringing forth a light and an entire new era began.

Are you still reading? I hope so.

Now, that’s the simple version, and admittedly pretty lame, however this version leaves out something key. In fact, every version of our history does, excluding what you’re being told now. Something that was told to me by one of the oldest beings in creation.

The Goddess had little faith in her creations, however knew she had no strength herself to observe her creations, nor did her daughters. So, using the remains of her powers, she took the weakened and fading spirits of her daughters and trapped them into three seperate pendants. These pendants have the power of the Goddess and her daughters themselves, so she knew they had to be hidden. She sent them to three seperate, and incredibly diverse realms, each with a trial before them.

Three beings would be chosen. These beings would be sent to these realms to face the Goddess’s Trials, and once passing, would obtain the pendant prize and, simultaneously, the power of the Goddess’s daughter and have the ability to watch over Valterra.

It was not as simple as it may have seemed, if it ever seemed simple in the first place to you.

The pendants would not…activate…unless all were united. The daughters worked together, both in life and in spirit.

The blood between the Goddess’s Chosen had to be impossibly strong. The trio, like the daughters, had to be united. None could be left out.

So if one of the Chosen died, all would be rendered helpless.

If you’re not getting it, I’ll spell it out. It’s all or nothing in this situation.

And these trials are not easy.

They’re painful, they’re hard. Very few succeed, and if they do very, very rarely are they sane after. Some grow bonds to the realms that they visit, going mad when they are forced to leave.

As I’ve said, I’m now insane, technically.

I’ve been through these trials. More than once. I’ve lost countless to them, because as long as one goes it’s all over.

For some reason, I’ve been chosen again and again to participate.

Before, we never made it past the first trial.

Once, we made it through. Recently. Far too recently.

We made it through. We made it through the trials.

With two Half Humans no less! It was…I couldn’t use words to describe it.

We made it past the first trial with ease! Second, well, it was harder because I didn’t know what to expect, but it was still a breeze in comparison to before.

Then…well then came the third trial.

I’ve said before, I’m insane. They told me to write it down, to help.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m an ex-Chosen One of the Goddess. I’m 3254…sorry, 3264 years old. I’m a female. I’m Half Fae and Half Warlock, and also an ex- Assassin along with countless other jobs I’ve had in my past.

And here is my story. The story of that Goddess-damned third pendant.

When I gained everything. Love, success, bonds, friendships, purpose…hope…a reason to live. And then…

Well, you can guess, I’m sure.

Enough dawdling. My name is Mylrden. Roselle Mylrden.

And Welcome To My Hell.

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