Hope or Lies

An old philosophy assignment of mine, noting the differences between hope and lies.


I would like to pose a question: Do you believe in hope?

I’ve seen and heard a lot of different answers, some choosing stoicism, others choosing to hold on to hope.

But what’s interesting is how distorted this idea of hope has become.

Or rather, we have begun to confuse a spark of hope within us for a lie that we are fed.

So I ask you: What separates hope from a lie?

Hope gives determination, lies give expectation.

Hope can result in failure, but lies always end in disappointment.

And is a trip on the way up scaling a mountain that much worse than a ten-thousand foot plummet?

Because Hope lets us climb our own way up, while lies give the illusion of such before dropping us.

When you fall, you get back up eventually. When you’re dropped, you shatter, and all you have are people yelling at you to pick up the pieces.

Stop lying to raise yourself up. Give us the truth, before you raise us up only to drop us, when you’re not around to pick up the pieces.

Hope is a desire, an aspiration, a goal that is to be reached.

A lie is a deception, a fabrication, a piece of fiction.

And have I taken intention into account?

Of course. Every time my mind screams at me not to promise a friend that they’ll ace a test to make them feel better.

Any time someone told me that I could do anything, go anywhere.

The time I was told that you would be there to support me forever.

The time I was told that I could trust you, and that things would get better.

The time we were all told that we were special, and able to make a difference.

Intention doesn’t justify the results, the same way the “hope” we are given are lies fabricated so that we are appeased for a short amount of time, and so that you feel better about yourself.

Now I’m not saying that support is bad, God no. But it should come from a place of truth. And it can’t be expected to give a person hope in a heartbeat.

Because hope comes from inside of yourself. It can be influenced, it can be swayed. But for the most part, it’s on you.

For the longest time, I laughed at the idea of hope. “Hope” was the thing that allowed me, and so many others to crash and burn. “Hope” only led to more destruction that happiness that it caused.

But I realize I was wronged. Because what I was given wasn’t “Hope” at all; it was the lies of the desperate. The lies that so easily seeped into my wounds, only numbing the pain for a short while.

You can say that I’m cold, or that I’m wrong, I’d welcome it. But when my eyes and ears are being assaulted by the lies each and every day, I’ll find it hard to believe.

Especially when I’ve found what hope can be. Hope has been this one thing I’ve held on to, through the thick and the thin. It’s hope of escape that has allowed me to strive towards my future schooling, and hope of sharing a story that allows me to pursue writing regardless of the criticism and fear. It was hope of finding a place I belong that led me to step out of my shell, and it was hope of healing that led me to getting help.

And it wasn’t the lies. It wasn’t he countless words, be them uncaring and harsh or concerned and soft. It wasn’t the promises of money or the grip of alcohol or the fear of death and failure that kept me going.

It was hope.

I finally found hope.

And now that I’ve freed myself from the failing crutches that were the lies, I can feel the hope within me building, leading me towards a future that I can give myself.

With all that said, you can tell me whatever you like. I could be wrong, misguided, cold, or selfish. You could tell me that I’m insane, and you wouldn’t be the first.

But this hope that I have is what kept me from death. And I can see it out there. Whether it’s touched some, or waiting in the wings, it is there. But the lies are hurting it, shrouding the light in shadows, preventing those in need the strength that they should hold. And I hope, someday, that it can change.

So…I ask again. Do you believe in hope? Or do you follow the lies?

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